Best Oils for Getting Rid of Blackheads and Reducing Pores

Oils against blackheads
Oils against blackheads
Oils against blackheads




Using oils that have an exceptionally high content of Essential Fatty Acids (omega-3s and omega-6s) are a great way to help your skin get rid of blackheads and reduce the size of pores. In addition, make sure you do not use any kind of mineral oil products on your face and your cleansing regime involves some type of steaming. And, of course, don't forget to take care of your digestive system - it needs to run properly if you want a healthy skin and body.

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The beauty of facial oils is that some of them can provide a very effective home remedy for skin problems over long-term usage. However, selecting the right type of oil is truly key in this case as some oils have the opposite effect. For the most powerful results it makes sense to make a mixture of 3-4 oils. This allows you to achieve your preferred consistency and your skin can get a lot more benefits in one application.

How to Use Facial Oils

That’s easy – just tap a couple of drops of your oil mixture on clean skin every morning and evening. You can also use oils for cleansing your skin, but different oils should be used then – read more about The Oil Cleansing Method and The Best Oils for Cleansing.

Best Choice: Oils High in Essential Fatty Acids

The main group of oils that is recommended for pore reduction and subsequent blackhead elimination is oils that contain large amounts of Essential Fatty Acids (omega-3 and omega-6). These oils are considered d to be dry/thin oils that do not clog pores and do not leave a greasy residue on the skin. One of the benefits (among many!) that they bring to our skin is that they mix with our own skin’s oils and make them thinner, less clogging. It is a complicated mechanism but the final result is that once our own facial oil becomes thinner, our pores grow smaller. This, in the long-run also reduces the appearance of blackheads. Some of our favorite oils with particularly high levels of Essential Fatty Acids include:

  • Kiwi Seed Oil (particularly high in omega-3). Very moisturizing and softening as well. Suitable for all skin types;
  • Grapeseed Oil (high in omega-6). Although it is usually recommended for oily skin, I find it a great oil to use when my skin gets dry and lacks plumpness;
  • Camelina Oil (particularly high in omega-3). Very softening although has quite a particular scent.

You can mix a couple of these oils and use the mixture everyday. As these oils are also the ones that are particularly prone to oxidation – a process in which their benefits are lost – it is best to keep the mixture in the fridge and add some vitamin E oil or Rosemary Extract. In addition, since these oils are rather dry, you need to mix them with more moisturizing oils if you have dry skin. Jojoba and camellia oils seem to be great for this purpose.

And, do not forget to always buy unrefined, undeodorized, cold pressed oils with no additives (other than vitamin E or other natural extracts).

Oils to Avoid

  • All types of mineral oils and petroleum based products! Let’s keep it for running our cars. These nasties are real killers when it comes to getting rid of blackheads. Their molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin, so they stay sitting on top of our pores and block our skin from getting rid of everything it needs to get rid of. Also, make sure that your daily make-up does not contain them!
  • Oils that are high in saturated fats (for example, coconut oil).

Other Home Remedies for Blackheads and Pore Reduction

  • The oil cleaning method. It can really do wonders if you do it the proper way.
  • Steaming your face. Or, if you do not have the time for a proper steam, warm a towel with hot water and keep it close to your face for a couple of seconds. Wash afterwards.
  • Clay masks (especially Ghassoul clay). In addition, give a try to regular use Egg White Masks, Honey Cleansing Method or acidic toning with Lemon Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Changes in your diet. More often than not, blackheads are related to the health of your digestive tract. In particular, blackheads form when your body is not able to eliminate all the waste otherwise and it has to eliminate it through the skin. Avoid processed foods, sugars, gluten, dairy, transfats and make sure you eat lots of vegetables and fruits.



    Hi! Could you recommend the best brands for facials oils like grapeseed and kiwi seed oil? Does rosehip oil work well ? I haven’t seen any articles about it on this website. I have been buying Aura Cacia oils. Are these good quality? Thanks !


    I have been using Grapeseed oil as part of my oil-cleansing method. After years of trying EVERYTHING for my acne prone skin this has worked wonders. My skin is clear, oil free and soft. Am so glad I tried it

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