Posted November 3, 2013 by The.Happy.Skin.Diary in New Articles

No-Sweets November: no Sugar, no Fruits, no Honey

The fact that sugar is bad for the skin is old news. But can fruits, dried fruits and honey sometimes also be harmful? In theory, it seems that fruits are excellent anti-oxidants and protect our skin from aging rather than cause break-outs. It is advisable to eat fruits with a little bit of fats and protein foods, however, in order to avoid the spike in blood sugar levels and to make sure that all the vitamins (some of which are only oil soluble) get absorbed by our body.

It seems pretty simple and I have always happily followed these rules and felt as if I was doing a great job for my skin. In fact, I would be almost religious about eating LOADS of fruits every day. But one day my experimental nature raised a question: what would happen to my skin if I avoided everything that has a sweet taste? No sugar, no fruits, no honey. Some berries once in a while. Maybe. It took me a couple of weeks to prepare myself mentally for this experiment and approximately four days of extreme withdrawal symptoms (!!), but then a miracle happened. My skin COMPLETELY cleared out of all the little bumps and spots. Just clean and smooth. No hormonal break-outs. Nothing. I loved it. And I hated it. I kept on craving sugar… So, I failed and my skin went back to having the good old bad days.

But I always felt that I had to try it again. Can it really be true that what I consider to be my skin’s best friend is also my skin’s best enemy? Or was it just a coincidence. Time to figure it out!