Jessica Alba’s Masks For Glowing Skin and Shiny Hair

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"A great face scrub is to use yoghurt, ground coffee and coconut oil. Mix it all up, leave it on as long as you want and it will really exfoliate and hydrate your skin". For soft and shiny hair, Jessica also uses avocado and olive oil mixture.

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Our take: Oils are great products to use in almost any step of the beauty routine. If used in facial masks, they nourish and revive dull skin, giving it a healthy glow. If used on hair, oils strengthen the hair and give it a lustrous shine. Therefore, we definitely say yes! to Jessica’s beauty tips.

Actress Jessica Alba is also a the well-known advocate for green lifestyle. She has fully embraced clean eating and eco beauty routine. “Many people don’t even realize that there is lead in their lipstick, or that petrochemicals in your laundry detergent could be making you sick”, explains Jessica, stressing the importance of eliminating products with toxins from your daily life.

For more beauty and green lifestyle tips, check out Jessica’s new book The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You.


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