Miranda Kerr On Her 80/20 Rule and Beautifying Drinks




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"I tend to follow an 80 per cent healthy and 20 per cent indulgent rule. I might treat myself to a delicious hot chocolate, but generally I try to fill my body with nutrients." On how she starts the day: "With an organic, cold-pressed green juice. Throughout the day I’ll drink fresh coconut water to maintain my energy levels."

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Our take: Coconut water is rich in minerals and vitamins that will hydrate and replenish your skin. A truly refreshing and beautifying drink! Another way to achieve glowing skin is by drinking more fresh juice. Think not only fruit but vegetables as well. A good place to start coud be a blog by a model Valentina Zelyaeva. Also, the best is if you squeeze the juice at home since then you definitely know what ingredients went into it. While we want to stay healthy and gorgeous, we also want to indulge sometimes, so the 80/20 per cent rule that Miranda follows is great!

Quote source: Evening Standard

Images sources: Toupee and Shoppe Girls


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