Posted June 12, 2013 by The.Happy.Skin.Diary in New Articles

Skin Care Resolution for June: The Go-Truly-Natural Month


This month I decided to eliminate everything from my skin care regime and just leave it alone. More natural than natural! And I love it – it works miracles!

 If you do some online reading on the best skin care regimes around, you will undoubtedly encounter some advocates of the so-called Cavemen skin care style. In plain words, this means leaving your skin alone. No chemicals, no natural skin care, no make-up. It might sound crazy, but I got intrigued after having a conversation with a very experienced dermatologist, who pointed out that a lot of skin problems never occur to men because they simply leave their skin alone. Well, if a person with twenty years of experience in skin care concludes this, I could not keep myself from trying. And, after all, summer is absolutely the best time to do it as occasional (and not overdone) rays of sun make our skin look healthier… Which is particularly useful when trying to move away from foundation.. (it IS a hard thing to do!).

It has been a couple of weeks now, and here is what I think:

Current regime? Well, nothing. No washing, no cleansing, no oils, no honey, no toning, no make-up. Although I do cheat with a little bit of mascara once in a while (eyelashes are not facial skin, right?)

Overall impression? Love it. LOVE IT! Uh uh, it’s that good.

Breakouts? Nearly gone. My face is clearing up like never before.

Dry patches? Nope. All gone.

Hardest part of it all? It’s still hard to go on without make-up… I miss this morning ritual like crazy.. But they say it takes 3 weeks to get used to new habits, so it might just be a question of time.

Will I continue? I will probably miss wearing some make-up sooner or later. Or a nice pampering mask. Or a wonderful oil. I feel that going on a skin-care-product-free month is wonderfully regenerating and relaxing treatment for the skin and as such is a great thing to do once in a while. Just like the whole body juicing cleanse. However, I am not yet convinced that it is the best skin care regime overall.

More info on this? I got the initial idea from the Love Vitamin blog – it’s full of great information about skin care.

It does not work for everyone and some people need a long time to adjust to this regime, but I do think it’s absolutely worth giving it a try this summer. No other product has ever helped my skin that much in just two weeks – what if it is exactly what your skin is looking for as well?