Posted May 3, 2013 by The.Happy.Skin.Diary in New Articles

Skin Care Resolution for May: The Food Experiment

There is a very clear reason why celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or lots of fashion models follow very strict diets that eliminate various foods. It is good for health, skin, mood and keeping in shape. Given the amount of importance that food plays in our lives, I think it is fair to devote one month for The Food Experiment. This experiment is an attempt to figure out how various foods affect my skin. These will be the steps:

  • Step 1: 3-week cleanse. Rawrganic vegan diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and virgin oils.
  • Step 2: Introducing (one by one) fish, meat, eggs, dairy, gluten, sugar, etc. to my diet and observing the effects.
  • Step 3: Crafting my own personal Skin Illumination Diet.

So, for the next three weeks I am going to eat fruits for breakfast and salad for lunch and dinner. In addition, this also means a lot of juicing (check out our Beautifying Drinks on Pinterest for some great healthy drink ideas). I certainly do not have enough mental strength to follow a diet like this all my life, but three weeks should be ok. Just an experiment that will save me lots of time and energy later once I know my skin very well. And, the French strawberry season has started, so I can at least enjoy my favorite treat once in a while.

Following this skin care resolution, this month we will be writing about the effects of food on our skin. Here are a couple of quick tips that we have already found to work:

  • Food and skin are one. There is more and more scientific evidence being produced on this topic and more and more success stories of people tacking various skin issues by a simple change of diet.
  • Among the most popular causes of breakouts, sensitivities, blackheads are: gluten, dairy, sugar, meat, processed foods, nuts and seeds.
  • There is no cookie-cutter solution: every skin is different and we need to make and effort to figure out what food works for us personally (hence, The Food Experiment).
  • Drinking a lot of water, eating your rainbow (fruits, veggies and berries of all possible colors) and making sure to get enough healthy fats (oils and other omega-3 rich foods) seems to help in getting a beautiful complexion.

How does food affect YOUR skin? What have you noticed to be the major cause of breakouts?