Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Toner

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Smell, Texture, Absorption Speed: Absorbs very quickly.
Preparation Time: Less than 1 minute.
Preparation Method: Mix ACV with an appropriate amount of water. Usually, the suggested the ratio is 1:1, however, it really depends on how your skin is reacting to vinegar. For the more sensitive, dryer skin the amount of water should be much higher than of vinegar.
Application Method: Wipe your face with a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar toner. If you really really don't like the smell and want a milder effect, apply the toner on the face and leave in for a few minutes, then rinse off.
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Apple cider vinegar pH is around 5 which is an ideal match for the skin. The skin will look healthier, more even and cleaner. ACV will not only effectively treat existing pimples but also help to prevent breakouts.


Rather intense and unpleasant smell.

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I was very curious to try it out – after reading so much about ACV on the internet and even finding out that Scarlett Johansson uses it to fight breakouts, I decided that it is high time I did. The result? If apple cider vinegar had a pleasant smell, I would definitely call it an ideal treatment for the skin. I saw the results just after the first few uses – the skin was clearer, looked more even and the blemishes reduced. I used it for almost a week every evening. Something that I did not expect – my skin was spot-free regardless of the candy-rich-Easter-diet I was on! Apparently, it is rich in beneficial acids that exfoliate the skin and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help combat acne.

  • Make sure you dilute ACV with appropriate and tested (probably on a hand) ratio of water. Otherwise, it might be a bit too stingy and drying.
  • Apple cider vinegar is also a great product for the hair. Either rinse your hair with the toner after shampooing, or add a few teaspoons of vinegar into your shampoo. Applied once a week, these simple tricks will properly detox your hair and make them softer and more shiny.
  • Even though I think it is a good detox treatment for the skin, I would not apply it daily for a long period. I would suggest using ACV toner when you feel that your skin needs a thorough cleansing or you’ll breakout.
  • Make sure that you use raw apple cider vinegar!



    I used ACV for 2 days on my acne,and it helps my skin to look and feel smoother, and my acne really subside very fast.


    Hi. Will it be possible to mix clindamycin and ACV diluted in water for facial toner?


    hi, i’ve been using ACV for 1 1/2 week already. For the first 4 days it did improve my skin condition. I have mild acne with oily skin. But after a week of using it i am experiencing breakouts at the upper right side of my cheeks but other parts of my face that have acne have improved. Is this normal? I am applying small amounts of benzoyl peroxide on it cause im quite worried.


    I have a weird combination of dry and oily skin. I have been using ACV to remove moles AND pimples on my face. This stuff will work. Also, I have been consuming it as well…only downfall is that it upsets my stomach a lot. In addition to the face though, I’ve used it on my face for a week now and see changes. I barely break out only a few pimples (I also been drinking lots of water and avoiding processed food). Usually after a certain amount of days, I have to put lotion on. This is surprising: I haven’t had to use lotion to help my dry skin. My face also looks much more fresher AND youthful looking compared to a few months ago. I have really bad rosacea and unbalanced skin. I’m only 17 almost 18 with this problem. I can’t really describe how else it looks now. I will tell you this..try it. I have sensitive skin so I do 1 tablespoon ACV and 2 tablespoons of water. 1:2 ratio is the best.


    Take 2t raw organic ACV (Braggs is best) add in a pinch of cayenne pepper apply to scalp an hour before shampooing. Will stimulate hair growth in thinning areas. A God send for me.


    I mix 1 part Bragg ACV & 1 part CeraVe lotion. I use it daily, and the smell of the ACV fades fairly quickly. It has done wonders for my skin. My skin is clear, and noticeably softer. The CeraVe/ACV may be used on the face paying careful attention to keep it away from the eyes.

    I also mix ACV with my conditiner, same ratio as above. It leaves my hair soft and shiny, and free from build up from products and mineral deposits. It’s a good idea to add baking soda to shampoo, also a good booster and clarifying agent. The two used in conjunction are ideal.


    1.Steam, 2.Baking Soda exfoliation, 3.Clay mask,4. ACV toner,5. Hemp oil and lavender oil moisturiser. My skin is sooo sensitive and this method has my skin looking so good i’m getting accused of using botox. Love to all!!


    Hey does it work as a moisturizer?

    John Veranda

    Hi is is okay to use a cleanser like sebamed antibacterial cleansing foam and then use this as toner?
    Should i avoid using other acne product while using this? I am using clindamycin formula.


    i have oily skin… can i use it daily for a month? i read somewhere that it would help. thanks!


    I do not dilute it with water, do you think its okay? i use it pure and leave it overnight.. do you think its okay…pls help

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      Hi Imy, from my own experience, ACV is a bit too strong if used by itself, especially if applied often. I would say that if you want to use pure ACV, then apply it on the actual problematic area only instead of spreading on the whole face.


      dilute with water. it may be to harsh on your skin full strength.
      great for killing bacteria in warts as well!
      2 teaspoons daily in water keeps digestive track in good order.


    How many times do I use it in one week?

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      Hi Mia, when I had a breakout, I used it every evening for almost a week but afterwards I gave my skin a break from this routine. Depending on how diluted the toner is (the more diluted, the milder the toner), I would probably advise using it 2-3 times per week. However, in the case of a breakout, you can use it more often.


    I put a combination of apple cider vinegar on my face with honey mixed into it after reading this online as a facial treatment….Within two minutes my face was burning and on fire and I ran to the bathroom and it was all turning red where the facial had been applied….It was worsening in front of my eyes. I washed it all off immediately with cold water for 5 minutes straight….I had to keep cold compresses on my face after due to the pain. I guess it burned all my skin?! Anyone had this happen before? It looked like I had fallen asleep in the sun for 4 hours! YIKES!


      Dilute the apple cider vinegar :)


      Perhaps you are allergic to honey; I had that disastrous experience after trying honey on face; several fine bumps and itching came on my face, fine bumps swelled and became filled with pus. My facial skin is in recovery mode from allergic reactions to leatherette, honey and harsh chemical peels and medicated treatment from dermatologist. Whew just bought ACV (RAW-50/50) to try and relieve spots and the few remaining breakouts, will try to be consistent.


      The ACV is very acidic, especially on sensitive skin, if this occurs again use milk on your face it neutralizes the acid and calms the burn.


    Am hearing about it today, and I want to start using it because I have a very dark skin. Can it tone my dark skin?


    Hi I was wondering …
    How often should I use this ?
    Does it cure acne scars & how long will I take ?
    Can this toner be used everyday?
    Thank you

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      Hi Jhennille! Ideally, you should use the ACV toner once per day, however, I would not recommend applying it on your skin for more than a week. Even though I know that some use the toner everyday, without any breaks, I personally see it as a “special” treatment for only when my skin breaks out. Unfortunately, I haven’t found strong evidence that ACV can cure acne scars. However, have you tried aloe vera? I hope this helps!


      I recently tried using ACV toner and found that using it for two weeks really helps reduce the appearance of scars. I used it everyday for two weeks but i hear it makes some people break out with daily use.


    Can I drink organic apple cider vinegar in Breastfeeding its safe or not

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      Hello! I have not tried drinking apple cider vinegar myself, though I know that it is praised for its detoxifying effect. The opinions on this question are very conflicting. However, the risks and benefits of drinking ACV while breastfeeding have not been thoroughly researched. Therefore, I would suggest that it is better to avoid drinking ACV while breastfeeding. I hope this helps!


    Hi, I’ve been using ACV toner for a week now and for the first couple days it started to improve my skin (smaller pores, faded red marks) but now I am experiencing a really bad breakout. I am getting a lot of whiteheads and have a few really sore large pimples. Is it common for ACV users to have an initial breakout? Does this mean I should stop using it?

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      Hi Christine, I never had any negative experiences using the ACV toner, it is the remedy for me to fight breakouts – I am so sorry to hear that your experience was bad! I know a few cases when the skin did break out for a few days, but adapted to the toner and cleared fairly quickly. Could it be that the concentration of the ACV in the toner is too high? ACV toner might have drying or irritating effect on a sensitive skin if the ratio of the vinegar and water is not right. You can also mix ACV with rose or green tea, I found this mixture to be slightly milder. Also, if you have sensitive skin you can apply the toner to the specific areas instead of using it on the whole face. Most importantly – did you use raw ACV? Generic ACV will not only be harsher to the skin but also lacks the healthy properties and nutrients. If the breakout is strong and does not go away within a few days, and you are sure that you are using raw ACV and have diluted it appropriately, I would definitely suggest to stop using the toner. While I do love the ACV toner, every skin is individual and has different needs, so it may not be an ideal remedy for all.


    I want to try the ACV toner for my face, but I am not sure when or if I should apply my regular moisturizer after using it. Will it ruin the effects of the ACV if i put on my moisturizer after it dries?


    I am wondering, do you think it is suitable for the colored hair? If I add it into my shampoo, is it possible that it will “remove” a little bit color?
    Thanks for the response!
    By the way, I will start using vinegar for my skin and looking forward to see some results!

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      Hello, thanks for your question – ACV should not remove or wash out the color from your hair. What it will actually do is remove the dirt and and all other nasties’ build up making your hair shinier. If this is the first time you are using ACV on you hair, maybe instead of putting it directly into the shampoo you should rinse your hair with ACV toner and see how you feel about the effect. Apply the toner after shampooing, leave it in for a minute and rinse. Let us know how it worked for you!

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