Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Honey Facial Mask

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Smell, Texture, Absorption Speed: Very sticky, intense smell of nutmeg
Preparation Time: Less than 1 minute to mix. I also let it sit (15 minutes) for some time, or warm it a bit before applying.
Preparation Method: Mix grounded nutmeg, cinnamon and honey together.
Application Method: 15-25 minutes. Wash it off very gently - I would suggest not to rub it in, the paste is rough.
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Good treatment for acne-prone skin: calming, antibacterial, reducing inflammation and appearance of spots.


Very sticky and difficult to rinse off!

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This is a good facial mask for acne-prone skin. I used it when I had a breakout and it really helped calming the skin and reducing the appearance of spots. The drawback is the removal of the paste: it is super sticky and rough. While some like the idea of strong exfoliating effect, I would not recommend rubbing your face with this paste (or any other exfoliator; use fruit acid exfoliators instead). Just gently pat your face with water and let the paste slowly melt. Use once per week.

NOTE: if you have sensitive skin, try applying the paste on a small area of the skin first. Also, some find cinnamon to be optional ingredient if your skin is sensitive.



    I started doing this the last few days. This is the second time I did it. (couldn’t use a lot at first because my mom didn’t want me using her organic honey) anywho I can really tell a difference! I don’t have much acne but I have acne scars and I can already tell they are starting to fade! Tonight I had a new pimple appear and after taking the mask off it was already smaller! I use equal parts cinnamon and nutmeg. Usually only 1tsp of each but it I want to do a whole face mask I use more. I don’t measure out the honey, I just add drops and rub it together (I like mine thick) the paste itself is already pretty thick but that’s just how I like mine. I leave it on for a while maybe 30-45 min. Then I wet my hands and wipe it off with warm water. I get a little bit of a burning sensation after I take it off because I think rubbing off the mask irritates my skin a little but so far this this working for me! I’m going to continue to use it the rest of this week and see what it does! Hopes this helps someone!


    am just using netmeg and honey paste on my face and is working very well. My recommendation is not to use the cinnamon powder.


    Did anyone experience a burning sensation when applied? I made this mask last night and when applied it immediately began to burn. I used Manuka Honey mixed with equal parts cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg?


    I mix a pump nor two into the mixture before I apply the mask. The mask still works great for my break outs and the cleanser makes it easier to remove this mask!!


    Hi…I have a fair skin. But because of PCOS since 2 yrs, I m really getting bad acne. They become more red if I apply acne medicated ointments. Really upset. It was still worsened with chickenpox attack 15 days back which leaves scars on my face. So can I use this pack of cinnamon nutmeg honey? My skin is so sensitive that it can’t even tolerate lemon kindly reply me and help me out on how long should I use this pack? And how can I get nutmeg and cinnamon powder?


    Burnt my entire face.


    How frequently should I use this mask? Thank you! :D


      I’ve heard you can use it daily but others say 1-2 times a week. I guess it depends on how sensitive your skin is :)


    I love the mask av started using it recently love love it


    I used 1 tsp of each ingredient. It was sticky and not drippy.


    I had not had any acnes for ten years before my hormonal acne break out since March this year. After taking a few times emergency birth pills, my worst nightare came, big red painful spots came after another on my chin. I havw tried taking Evening primrose gel capsules, two or three different cream that claimed to reduce spot marks, just waste of my money, nothing worked to either stopping my painful spots coming through or bleaching my marks. Only till last Monday, I came across this recipe and desperatly wanted to try it out at home (felt like last hope) on that night, I have been put it on my face five nights last week, two times this week (today is thursday). Basically when I had time at night, I put it on my face for half an hour, then washed it off, and put on my usual facial cream before bed time. It worked! How wonderful! I have not had a spot coming through even my period is just a few days away,and marks visibly lighter. I use 1 tbsp of Manuka honey (waitrose)+1 tbsp of cinnamon+ 1 tbsp of nutmeg to make the right consistance paste. I put it on my face nearly every night and fine with it not having any burning or rash feeling like some claimed. I will continue to do do it until the marks are substantially reduced. High hope!


      Wow! I am so inspired by your story! I had the exact same reaction as your! Emergency birth pills, evening primrose and face creams! I looked at your story and wondered If I had not written it myself! I started the cinnamon and honey mix on Sunday, so far it’s slow but I have a lot of Hope! I had a beautiful skin and used the honey cinnamon mix for years and it helped me maintain that. I am off to buy nutmeg to add so I can have the benefits of the three! Thank you! Email me if you can…


    I read somewhere to grind the cinnamon and nutmeg in a coffee grinder first before mixing to make it finer. Then it is not so course and easier to apply. Also, it makes a better scrub when it is finer.


    Works great! Leaves skin very soft and polished. I jumped in the shower with it on and felt great!


    Hi everybody, I have been with acne for past 15yrs which leaves me with lot of scars(like deep and black). Can I get back my skin if I apply this paste? Pls provide your comments. Will I get rid of these peaks and valleys!!


    I honestly have been doing this on and off for about a year now and I love it. I wash my face and exfoliate it really good with acne scrub before I put it on. I rinse my face with warm water and mix together cinnamon and honey (I use a lot of cinnamon so my face isn’t dripping everywhere) and I apply it to my face. Instead of warming it up first, I use a blow dryer on a low heat and shine it on my face so my pores open up with it on my skin to absorb it. I leave it on pretty much for hours while I do my college homework, clean the house, play video games, and so forth. When I go to rinse it off, I rub it a little to get it extra exfoliated but be careful if you used more than the recommended amount of cinnamon because it can burn a little and leave your face a bit red and plump which could hurt with my next step. After I rinse it off (I’ve scrubbed it so many times with this mask on it doesn’t even affect or irritate my skin anymore) I get this bottled lemon juice stuff (real lemons are sooo expensive to use every single day. I’m a cheap girl.) I apply the lemon juice on a paper towel (it’s straight from the fridge) and apply it to my skin but be careful not to get it on your eyebrows or your hairline because it is a lightener, you want to keep the color in your brows right girls? I apply it to my face which burns but if I wave my hands around in the air like a lunatic to dry it faster it gets better. My skin feels tight and a bit dry but I have oily skin so it’s kind of a oil free vacation. I read that you shouldn’t put pure lemon juice on your face because it’s so acidic but I do it anyway and no problems. I’ve noticed by this routine my skin isn’t as oily and for the past week I’ve been putting the lemon juice on after I wash my face before bed because my boyfriend sweats on the pillows and I like to think I have a super force field against his oil on the pillow. I had cystic acne for two years and now I just have deep white heads in my cheeks, forehead, and black heads on my nose. I was breaking out with deep pimples on and around my chin and so far they are fading away, slowly. I recommend the blow dryer treatment. I will blow dry the mask on my face for about two minutes to get it really hot then I go off for an hour and do something productive then come back and blow dry it again and so forth.


    How much of each item do you suggest to mix in



    I have had acne since youth, and now I am 27. Unfortunately, it has left me with hyper pigmentation marks (no deep grooves). I highly suggest this mask, which I told my dermatologist about, and she looked mad! She insisted that I consider laser treatment, which made me feel bad. I saw results immediately with my marks fading, and after just a few uses (I left on for 30m) they were way reduced. Don’t be fooled to think you cannot help yourself!


    I like it. Leaves your face feeling soft and fresh. Its cheap & natural.


    Love it I do cinnamon and honey sometimes or honey and lemon for dark spots.

    Tink Herbal

    I love this mask! I actually leave the mask on for 60 mins to get the full benefits of the honey, cinnamon and nutmeg. It smells delicious and comes off very easily. Also if you want a little exfoliation, just wet your fingers and massage your face for a minute or two before rinsing off the mask.


    Great recipe! Also try some real Ceylon Cinnamon Tea to fix the acne problem from the inside out. Studies indicate that certain diets, including dairy products and carbohydrate-rich like bread, bagels and chips, which increase blood sugar can cause acne. Cinnamon will control your blood sugar levels, so a cup of real Cinnamon Tea (not the flavored kind) would also be good step.


    It works and it was not hard to rub off for me

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