Facial Mask for Magic Cure of Broken Capillaries and Rosacea

Pineapple cottage cheese mask
Pineapple cottage cheese mask
Pineapple cottage cheese mask


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Smell, Texture, Absorption Speed: This mask is very slightly stingy - use more cottage cheese if your face is sensitive. The smell and taste are both amazing.
Preparation Time: 2-3 minutes
Preparation Method: Mix a cup of full-fat cottage cheese with a quarter-cup of freshly cut and grinded pineapple. Preferably, use the pineapple meat closest to the rind.
Application Method: Let the mixture sit on your face for 10-15 minutes. Apply twice a week for a month for visible results. Also, if you decide to apply it often, you can add a little bit more of pineapple and only use it for the parts of your face that have broken capillaries on them. Personally, I find it more effective for the purpose. However, avoid the application of strong pineapple extract on large patches of your skin - might be irritating.
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After one-time only application of this mask, the appearance of broken capillaries on my face was significantly reduced. Actually, it has even disappeared completely on one of the cheeks! In addition, my pores were cleaned. To top it off, it is easy to prepare and yummy to eat.


The mask is slightly stingy and might be a little irritating for sensitive and dry skin. In this case, increase the amount of cottage cheese in the mixture and maybe start off with a 10 rather than 20 minutes application. Also, you might want to only use it for the areas of your skin that need treatment. And, whichever skin type you have, NEVER use pineapple alone on your face. NEVER.

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Some time ago, Dr.Oz invited Ellen Marmur (MD), Vice Chari of Cosmetic and Dermatological Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital to share some homemade cosmetic recipes with the audience. This recipe was specifically recommended to treat rosacea. Pineapple is especially rich in bromelain – a magic cure for redness that we cannot get through internal use as it doesn’t make it past the digestive acids in our stomach. Full-fat cottage cheese included in the recipe nourishes the skin and reduces the acidity of the mixture. If you can’t find cottage cheese in the fridge, you can try adding full-fat plain yoghurt and a little bit of honey (keep the same proportions). Pineapple is also and excellent source of vitamin C which, based on my personal observations, also works wonders on the skin prone to redness.

This mask is just one more proof to me how natural cosmetics are simply a much better remedy than any creams that could be bought. I do not have rosacea but I have been struggling with a couple of broken veins on my face for years and I have paid ridiculous sums of money trying to find the magic cream that would eliminate that. And guess what – nothing has ever worked! The effectiveness of this mask in one go is better than the effects of all the creams I’ve tried in my life combined. Trust me, if you think that natural remedies are weak, not effective and you will better spend a couple of dollars on a “proper cream”, it will never work out. Going to the kitchen is not the last resort or the option when you can’t afford the cream. In so many cases, it is simply the only thing that works. Try and you will see.

By the way, if you are just entering the world of natural remedies for broken veins and rosacea, do not forget to adjust your diet accordingly as well. The National Rosacea Society has an excellent list of flare-up triggers. Personally, I find red wine to be the quickest way to see my broken capillaries expand on my face.



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    How long can I keep this mixture in the fridge for after making?


    How long can I keep this mixture in the fridge for? Will it keep for a few weeks?


    Do you want to mix this in a blender to break down the cottage cheese? Or just stir the ground pineapple in and leave the cottage cheese chunky?


    I have successfully removed some of my broken capilaries. I have tried many diy methods and some of these face masks really work! I have also poked some of the capilarries with a pin and then soaked them with ac vinegar and rosemary and made some smaller ones disappear. Unfortuantely which masks worked for me I did not record and now can not remember which ones they were. I will be keep a journal of what I put on my face from now on so that I can know exactly what worked. Good luck everyone!


    I don’t know about rosacea but you need to go to a dermatologist to zap the broken capillaries w a laser. Creams can not fix a broken capillary.


    I have really sensetive skin and broken capillaries, I’m am in my early teens, do you think I should do this facial still? Thanks


    Thank you so much!! I was considering some sort of doctor to fix my broken capillaries and just cannot afford such a luxury! I will give this a go tomorrow (funny I was just at the store and almost bought cottage cheese to eat!!) also if I did only have canned pineapple but rinsed well, would that help with the cancer problem/



    I have broken capillaries on my legs. can the same mask be used for leg also.?
    Please suggest.I have been suffering from the same from quite sometime now.

    Thanks in advance


    Do you have to grind up the pineapple on a grater for best results?

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      Yes, it is best to have it squashed in some way in order to get the juice out and also to avoid putting a whole piece on your face without the additional protection of mixed in cottage cheese. Pure pineapple can be quite strong in itself on the facial skin…


    How do you grind up the pineapple? With a grater??? How long can you keep this in the fridge for?

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      You can use a mixer, grater – basically anything that squashes things. I often just take a bit off my pineapple smoothie in the morning and mix it with cottage cheese. It is best to use it as quickly as possible in order to get the maximum amount of vitamins in. However, you can of course store some of it for later, but it’s hard to say for how long – basically, the answer is until it goes bad and smells or looks funny..


    Hi, how ripe does the pineapple need to be? I have just been and bought one, but it’s not quite ripe yet. Thank you.


    If your going to use this on your face only you do not need to mix so much at once. I used a tablespoon of cottage cheese and pineapple and it was enough for several masks.


    Would canned pineapple work if I can’t get a fresh one?

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      I haven’t tried myself, but my usual assumption is that the fresher, the better. Also, canned foods usually have traces of cancer-causing materials and it might not be a good to put that straight on the skin..


    I do yogurt masks with honey and cottage cheese alone regularly. And results are obvious. My skin is very clear and moist. And I am in my late 40s. So follow the recepies and u will be satisfied.

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