The Honey Cleansing Method for Healthy and Smooth Skin

Honey facial cleanse
Honey facial cleanse
Honey facial cleanse


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Smell, Texture, Absorption Speed: It has a great honey smell to it – reminds me of my childhood milk & honey evenings. For the texture to be spreadable on the face, it is important to mix honey with water – just follow the application instructions below.
Preparation Time: 2-3 minutes
Preparation Method: For dry and sensitive skin, use honey alone. Once in a while, especially if you having a breakout, you can mix raw honey with a few drops of lemon juice (the oilier your skin, the more lemon juice your skin should be able to handle. However, start low on lemon and increase over time). In order to get maximum benefits, prepare the mixture anew every 3-4 days and clean the container in between instead of stacking up new honey on the remainder and creating a bacteria party. However, I would only advise to add lemon once a month or so. IMPORTANT: the quality of honey is very important for the results. Manuka honey is said to be the best choice, but as it is very pricy you can go with 100% natural fresh honey from a trustworthy farmer.
Application Method: Remove make-up if needed or do it in the mornings. Place half a teaspoon of honey on your palm. Add some water and mix it with your fingertips. Spread it over your face and leave on for 10-20 (the longer, the better). Personally, I simply leave it on while having breakfast every morning. Rinse it off very gently and very diligently. You can use this method of cleansing daily, although I prefer to perform a deeper cleanse once a week next to this.
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Excellent way to naturally cleanse your skin – removes dead cells, moisturizes, reduces pores and blackheads, smoothens skin tone, heals and lightens the skin, etc.. Known to be among the best solutions for acne as well as for dry skin - very versatile!


If not washed off properly, might result in a sticky face next morning. Solution: wash it off properly.

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It might seem strange that something as sticky as honey can be used to clean your skin. It fact, it raised my eyebrows as well but I had to try it just because next to the oil cleansing method honey facial cleansing seems to be the new hype amongst all natural beauty bloggers. On top of that, honey is said to be the beauty secret of such classical beauties as Cleopatra, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lopez.

The recipe described above is the skin cleansing method that I have been using now for a couple of weeks and WOW – I can absolutely feel and see all the problems of my skin being healed. My full morning skin care routine in the past couple of weeks included, honey cleanse, rose hydrosol and a few drops of cranberry, rosehip or olive oil. It is natural, easy and extremely effective – I don’t think that my skin has ever felt as close to baby skin as it feels right now. In the evenings, I would use The Oil Cleansing Method.

Honey has wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that calm and heal the skin over long term. In addition, both honey and lemon juice contain alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) that are known to be the most effective way to remove dead cells, exfoliate, rejuvenate skin, reduce pores and remove blackheads, smoothen skin tone and add moisture to the skin. Magique, non? Even if it sounds very chemical, trust me, you will find it hard to find a book about modern skin care that does not mention the magic benefits of AHAs – I think it is the only product that the majority skin care practitioners and even scientists agree to be beneficial. (Me too!)

To be particular, raw honey contains glyconic acid which is known to have the smallest molecules of all the alpha hydroxyl acids and be able to squeeze right into the skin and loosen dead cells. This way it opens clogged pores and prevents dead cell accumulation, thus, acne. According to the book “Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin: A Back-to-Basics Approach”, a recent study showed that products with glycolic acid significantly reduced comedones, papules, and pustules and reduced the size of pores while rejuvenating skin texture.

Citric acid, which can be found in lemon juice, is another type of the magic AHAs that has very similar benefits. I sometimes add it to the cocktail for an extra kick and because AHAs are more effective at lower Ph. However, as always with citrus fruits, it is better to not use it in the morning due to potential sun damage. Use pure raw honey instead. Or, if you want to make a cocktail of AHAs, mix in some yoghurt or sour cream for lactic acid (also AHA) or crunched apple when in season for malic acid (yet another AHA).

Another possible addition to this mixture is soda. This way, you do not have to clean your make-up before – soda and honey do the job. However, using soda creates a slight scrubbing effect and after all my readings about skin care, I am against any physical scrubbing of facial skin… I think I will try mixing honey with clays for this purpose – will keep you posted.

If your goal is to fight acne with this method, you can read a lot more about it on the The Love Vitamin blog.



    Hi. I’ve been using the honey cleansing method for a couple of weeks now and my skin is actually getting worse! I was just wondering if this is because this method just doesn’t work for me, or is because my skin is purging all the bacteria etc.?


    Hi, I love your blog and I have a question for you if you’re agree. I’m French so I hope you will understand me :) I read the article about Salma Hayek (cleanse only the night) and I want to know why you recommand the honey cleansing method on the morning. Is it obligatory or can I do this the night? Like Salma Hayek recommands. Thank’s a lot :)


    Hi, I have dry skin and I was wondering if its okay to do an OCM every night and the honey cleanse every morning?

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      It really depends on your skin.. if you find it a little bit too drying, you should use less heat with the OCM every couple of days (as it is mostly the steaming effect of the cloth that is drying). Also, try using manuka honey for the cleanse in the morning and do it in the shower as it then protects your face from loosing moisture while in hot shower :) Hope this helps!


    Honey IS amazing, I agree. Thank you for writing such a detailed post about it. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Honey can be difficult to remove! That is my one gripe about it. But otherwise, it is wonderful.

    You mentioned that you don’t believe in physical scrubbing of the face. What about with a very fine particle scrub such as nutmeg? Still too harsh?


    First off, I just want to say I love your site and am absolutely thrilled I’ve stumbled upon it! I’m just about to try this mask but am curious when you said – you prefer to perform a deeper cleanse once a week, what cleanse is this? You’ve inspired me to go all natural this month so I’ll also be doing the oil cleanse if that’s it :) would you recommend always using the castor and olive oil for this? I have sensitive and combination oily skin that breaks out easily so I was thinking about adding a different oil suited to my skin type but should those kinds of oils only be used to moisturize? Sorry for all the questions! I’m excited to go natural but I’ll admit I’m definitely nervous so I want to make sure I get it right! Thanks in advance and again, wonderful work! Xx

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      Hi Rachel! We are very happy to hear that you are going to go natural this month!! Summer is such a perfect time to start something new :) For the deeper cleanse we usually use the oil cleansing method, facial steam or a clay mask (Ghassoul, Fuller’s earth or white clay + mix it with raw honey). For the oil cleansing method you usually need to use different oils than the ones that are recommended for moisturizing as it needs to draw dirt from your face effectively. I would suggest to go with a combination of your preferred oil + castor oil. I heard recently that sunflower oil was great for the skin that is prone to break-outs for the OCM, but if you do not have it, just go with the classic olive oil. Make sure that you cover your whole face with the warm cloth and remove oil from all sides before you put on a moisturizing oil :) We are sure you will love the results! Also, I also have a combination skin and I am totally obsessed with kiwi seed oil for moisturizing recently – might work for you as well! And, one more tip: if you are just going natural, do not hesitate to try to use nothing for a couple of weeks. No cleanser, no moisturizer, no make-up (or eye-make-up only). It does not work for everybody, but for some it is the most magic way of rebalancing skin towards health :)


    Would it be okay to use two masks in one sitting?
    For example: First I would do the egg white mask and then second i would use this honey cleansing one

    • Avatar of The Happy Skin Diary

      Hi Erica! I haven’t tried this particular combination, but I think it should work out fine as honey is very soft and calming on the skin. However, if you are using fruits in your masks, it is better to go easy and only do one mask at a time. Let us know how it works – very curious to hear!

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