Shea and Sweet Almond Oil Whipped Body Butter

Whipped shea butter for Pinterest good
Whipped shea butter for Pinterest good
Whipped shea butter for Pinterest good


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Smell, Texture, Absorption Speed: If you do not add essential oils, it will keep the natural smell of Shea butter. Add up to 2% of essential oils of your preference for a different aroma. As for application, the final mixture is too thick and rich for full body application – keep it for the areas in need.
Preparation Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Preparation Method: Melt 2 parts Shea butter, 1 part Sweet almond oil (feel free to use different oils at a ratio of 75% solid and 25% liquid) and 1 part Coconut oil in a double boiler (or simple place a heat-resistant bowl in a pot full of water and heat it). As soon as everything melts (do not overheat!), place the mixture in the freezer until it is just cool, but not yet solid. Add the essential oils of your choice at this point and use an electric mixture for a couple of minutes to whip it all up. If it gets too solid in the freezer – heat it up and cool it down again. If the mixture does not whip – you most likely need to get it cooler.
Application Method: Apply as a cream on dry, chapped or irritated skin.
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Excellent butter for moisturizing and protecting even the driest and most damaged or irritated skin. Wonderful for protecting your skin in winter as well.


Slightly thick texture and relatively slow rate of absorption.

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Shea butter seems to be one of the strongest emollients and most healing butters to go to for profound hydration and skin revitalization. It is also excellent anti-inflammatory and provides natural protection against sun (SPF of 4-10) and other environmental damage. However, in its pure form, it is rather hard to spread on the skin. Luckily, whipping it with other oils makes a rich and much better spreadable body butter that treats even the driest and most irritated type of skins. If you compare it to other creams available on the market, it turns out thicker and takes longer to be absorbed. However, the moisturizing and calming effects of it last significantly longer and after some time of usage you are very likely to not need it anymore as your skin will be healed.

Sweet almond oil is suggested here because it is a great body oil known to have good spreadibility. For sensitive skin, you can also use Peach or Apricot kernel oil instead while Avocado oil will give this mixture a vitamin boost. Macadamia oil is the classic for mature skin. For an extra healing or calming effect, you can add Calendula, Arnica or Comfrey infused oils or a couple of drops of essential oils appropriate for your situation. Depending on the final mixture you choose, you can also use this whipped butter to treat split hair ends or put some on your lips.



    Pam Kinlaw

    How much water and lie would you need to make this recipe soap.

    Heather goodwin

    My skin is so soft! I love this stuff!

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