Sweet Almond Oil Skin Benefits

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Pleasant smell, softening and calming properties as well as suitability for sensitive skin.


Relatively slow rate of absorption.

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Sweet almond oil is one of the classic oils used to moisturize, nourish and soften dry or very dry skin. It is very popular as body oil due to its great spreadibility and a pleasant smell. In addition, it is used as cleansing oil in face treatments or added to face oils for extra moisturizing effects.

Best uses:

  • Addition to body oil mixtures. Sweet Almond Oil is known for its very good spreadability, which makes a couple of drops of it enough to cover large areas of skin. This quality along with its softening and smoothening properties made it one of the body oil classics.
  • Cleansing oil for face in the Oil Cleansing Method (mixed with Castor oil) or as a make-up remover. To remove eye make-up, pour a couple of drops of Sweet almond oil on a cotton pad and tap damp eye-lashes until clean.
  • Hand moisturizer. Although oils do take slightly longer to be absorbed, they are a wonderful way to achieve beautiful hands as, unlike most of the Plastic Fantastic creams, they do not contain ingredients that moisturize short term but have severely drying effects over long term-usage. Sweet Almond Oil is a great choice in this case for daily application due to its very pleasant smell and emollient qualities. However, if the skin is very dry or you need protection in extreme colds, go for Shea Butter – it will take longer to be absorbed, but will also provide your hands with more protection and moisture. On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to soften your hands, Rice Bran Oil is known to be among the strongest softening agents.

The composition of Sweet almond oil is very similar to that of Hazelnut oil, although the latter has a better rate of absorption – you might want to give it a try if this bothers you.

Keep in mind that this oil is not suitable for people with nut allergies.


    fathima dastagjir

    I will like to purchase the sweet almond oil after reading all the comments


    before reading this article my skin was very dry due to an allergy I had, I used many creams which did not give me the results I wanted so I decided to use the sweet almond oil and it worked wonders. I then read your article and was so impressed with the different ways to use this amazing oil I will highly recommend this


    Yes, From nutrition to beauty benefits, this nut has been part of cosmetics and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years now.

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